An ode to a navy scarf

An ode to a navy scarf

Oh navy scarf, so warm and true
How I cherish the moments with you
When winter winds start to blow
You're the one thing that warms me, don't you know

With soft and cozy wool in navy hue
You are the perfect winter accessory, it's true
Wrapped around my neck, snug and tight
You keep me warm through the long winter nights

From dawn to dusk, you're by my side
A faithful companion, and trusted guide
Through snow and ice, rain and hail
You never falter, and never fail

You come in many shapes and sizes
Each one with unique patterns and surprises
Some bold and bright, others subtle and refined
All of them a true treasure to find

Oh navy scarf, I sing your praise
For all the warmth and comfort you bring my way
You are a true gift from above
A winter companion, that I'll always love.

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